Anatomy & Physiology:Reflection Essay (Metacognition)

1. Identify the structures and functions of the respiratory system

2. Discuss the common diseases associated with the body systems and the resulting diagnostic treatments.

Locate the following article on the Virtual Library:

Jarvie, JA, Malone, RE (2008) Children’s Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Private Homes and Cars: An Ethical Analysis American Journal of Public Health; Vol. 98 Issue 12, p2140-2145, 6p

Based on your knowledge of the Respiratory System and the effects of smoking, please read the article and be prepared to answer the following questions in group discussion format. You will be graded on participation. (Hint: write the answers on this page!!!) Each student will be required to voice their answer in order to obtain credit for participation AND submit this form as documentation of reading the article.

What is second hand smoke? (1pt.)
Name three diagnostic tests used to assess lung function. (3 pts.)
What is the percentage of children that live with a smoker? (1pt.)
Are you a smoker? (1pt.)
Do you have children and smoke in front of them? (1pt.)
What are your thoughts on reducing public areas to smoke? (1pt.)
What is autonomy? (1pt.)
What is nonmaleficence? (1pt.)
What were your emotions when reading this article? (1pt.)
In completing this assignment, how did it change your thought process about how you will approach future projects and completing those projects? (2 pts.)

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