animal species with a specialized adaptation

Identify an animal species with a specialized adaptation, and answer the following questions: Give the scientific binomial name of the organism (Genus and species), and provide a general description of the organism, as well as its native environment. GENERAL IMPACT OF THE ADAPTATION ON THE OVERALL ORGANISM. Describe an adaptation(s) that your organism has. Describe the anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the adaptation(s), and how it affects the overall structure and function of the organism. ORGANS, TISSUES AND CELLS AFFECTED BY THE ADAPTATION. Include specific organs that are affected, and specialized tissues, cells, or other properties of the organ that are important for the adaptation.

Are there any special cells or molecules involved, e.g., secretions, toxins, pigments, hormones, sensory organs, bone structures, unusual organs or organ systems, etc.? INTERACTION WITH THE ENVIRONMENT. Describe the impact of the adaptation(s) on the organism’s interaction with the environment (climate, predators, food sources, etc.) and how the adaptation affects the organism’s fitness (competition, survival, etc.) and/or behavior.

Include concepts from your text related to mechanisms of evolution and natural selection. In other words, how do the adaptations contribute to the ways that the overall organism can function? Include a description of how the adaptations affect the organism’s fitness (adaptive strategies, competition, survival, interaction with predators/prey, etc.), relating concepts from the class text, e.g., mechanisms of evolution, natural selection, survival of the fittest,

etc. COMPARISON WITH A SIMILAR SPECIES. Compare your organism to another similar organism [species] that lacks the adaptation(s) (or that has a differently evolved version of the same adaptation). Based on scientific principles, explain why you think this closely-related organism did not evolve the same adaptation as your selected organism. What other adaptation does this organism have instead that fulfills a similar role in its survival?

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