Archaeology Research Paper

1. Climate has long been seen as a primary factor that influences, if not drives, major evolutionary changes in human physiology. Critically examine some of these theories (e.g., climate change and bipedalism) and the available evidence that supports or refutes them.
2. Critically evaluate the mainstream scientific interpretations that have been suggested for the Cave Paintings, dating to the Upper Palaeolithic (35,000 to
12,000 years BP), that are found in France and Spain.
3. Critically examine the evidence and arguments for Neandertals’ intentional burial of their dead.
4. Critically examine the evidence for the earliest use of fire by humans.

5. Critically evaluate the major hypotheses that have been proposed to explain the emergence of bipedality in early Hominins.
6. Critically examine the evidence of and hypotheses about when, where, and, perhaps, how spoken language first emerged in humans.
7. Critically examine the evidence and arguments that have been presented about the role meat-eating has played in human evolution over the last 2 to 3 million

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