Biological Psychology- Class Physiology of Behavior

The author of your textbook is a proponent of using animals for scientific research to gain insight into human medical, mental, and behavioral issues. She maintains that animal experimentation a necessary part of that research.Present two (2) reasons that the author argues to justify the use of animals in psychological research.Here are the author’s two reasons.? Curing illnesses by studying animals? To understand where we come from Provide one (1) specific example to support each argument.Here are the examples for each of the reasons.? Studying strokes in lab rats that are anesthetized.? Theory of evolution, the development of the world, Etc.Part 2Genetic research methods are extremely useful to the study of the physiology of behavior because they help researchers understand the role of genetics in physiological differences across individuals.Identify one (1) genetic method and explain how this method is used to study genetic factors,providing two (2) examples.Genetic Method is Twin Studies, the comparison of concordance rates of monozygotic and dizygotic twins estimates heritability of traits.Two examples are? Diagnosis of a mental disorder, what are the chances of the other twin having the disorder? Ex: Schizophrenia in twins.? Prevalence of obesity or personality traits the same or different in twins?

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