Case Studies in Human Anatomy and Physiology

A. There are 3 main components to solving the case, and the structure of the D2L site reflects these.
1. The facts of the case — what information is presented?
2. The organization of the information — how are the facts related to each other (charts, graphs,
diagrams, formulae, etc.)?
3. The interpretation of the case — what does the analysis of the material in 1&2 (along with
additional resources you may have explored) tell you about the problem, issue, or concept that
the case involves?
When you see the “Gateway” quizzes on D2L, you will find that each quiz focuses on one of these

B. Here are some specific actions that you may take when working on the case with your group.
1. Identify the context of this case.
(a) Use keywords or concepts from the course to provide the context for this case. For
example: cell biology, autopoiesis, hierarchy of organization.
(b) Identify the bodily systems, organs, tissues, that might be involved.
2. Locate the important information
(a) List the phrases in the case study that seem most important
3. Now, discuss the case with your partner or team and answer the following questions:
(a) What do I know?
i. This can be information that is presented in the case or it can be information that
someone in your team knows already — either from study or from experience.
(b) What do I need to know?
i. This is information that no one in your team knows, but that you think would be
important to interpreting the case.
A. For example, if the case reports a value for a physiological test, you might want to
ask if that result is a normal or abnormal value; and if abnormal, is it too high or
too low?
4. Next, review the items on your list and create a new, short list of a few questions (2 or three to
start) that you think are the most important to know in order to resolve the case.
5. From the list of available resources, list the first two that you will check and explain what you
hope each will contribute to your solution of the case.
6. Now follow the links to various resources that are available in the case. Use the note-pad
utility to record the information that you get from each resource and how it adds to the
resolution of the case.

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