Case Study Nursing

A 30-year-old female presents with amenorrhea for
6 months. Prior to this she had periods of dysmenorrhea and irregular cycles. Discuss the Pathophysiology of amenorrhea and possible causes.

What might the prior irregular cycles and dysmenorrhea mean in terms of the Pathophysiology of the disorder? Discussed in detail the Pathophysiology of amenorrhea in addition to at least possible causes

Described the possible Pathophysiology associated with the patient’s prior history of dysmenorrhea
and irregular menstrual cycles

Submitted the exam response document on time in the required format.

Used APA 6th edition style guidelines
consistently and accurately.

Used correct spelling and grammar. 3 Total:  (The answer should focus on the Pathophysiology of amenorrhea,
dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts.) (The answer should also focus on 3 possible causes of amenorrhea which are 1. Ovarian Failure,
2.polycystic ovarian syndrome and 3.female athlete triad.) CASE STUDY #2 What are the principle cells of the immune system and what is their role in
the immune response?

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