Codes of Ethics & OSHA Guidelines Case Study

Part I: Read the below scenario and write a short response
Is your friend violating any codes of ethics? If yes, which one(s)?
What would you do in this situation about your fellow worker?
Would you ignore the situation or discuss your concerns with her?
Would you report the worker to her supervisor?

Scenario I:
“A fellow worker tells a group of individuals during lunch in the hospital cafeteria that a friend of hers is in the hospital having cosmetic surgery. She continues to describe the extent and nature of the surgery.”

Part II: Read the following scenario and write a short response on your reaction to it. As you respond, describe how the values of both the health worker and client may be in conflict. How should the nursing supervisor have handled this situation? Does the nurse have a legitimate argument? Are the rights of the patient/client being violated? Which OSHA guidelines would come into play in this scenario, if any?

Scenario II:
“You are a nursing supervisor in a busy emergency room. One of your nurses approaches you stating that one of her patients has AIDS and currently has an open wound. The nurse states that due to her religious beliefs toward AIDS and a concern for contracting a blood-borne infection, she is asking to be reassigned to another patient.”

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