Community Health Nursing Prominent public health leader

For this assignment you will identify a prominent public health leader(s) or group. This
can be a nurse or other public health professional. Your selection must be a leader(s) or
group of individuals who are currently addressing one of the problems the APHA has
undertaken. I think McNamara is a good pick his work is still going strong …. if you find something better use it I am not sure if this would be a good pick.
Based on your personal research and reflection on the assigned readings and your
exposure to media influences. You will compare a current day public health leader or
group to a public health reformer from the past. You must provide documented evidence
for your discussion by citing at least one source: book, electronic book, electronic journal
or newspaper article or authoritative website. Use 6th edition APA citation format to cite
the source.

Be sure to answer all 3 questions below as part of your thorough discussion.
1. Compare characteristics of your selected modern day public health leader(s) with a
public health reformer or nurse leader from history. What characteristics do they
share? In what ways do they differ (evaluate the core functions of the public health
figures both past and present)? Be specific in your response rather than provide
2. Now identify 2 top public health priorities that the APHA has undertaken and explain
why these issues are so important in today’s society.
3. Next discuss a continuing public health problem that has historically been a
significant public health issue and is still an issue today. Why do you think this
health problem remains a focus of public health even today? Why has the problem
been difficult to eradicate?

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