community health nursing

This assignment has been designed to examine your knowledge and understanding of a primary health care approach to health care in nursing within a community setting.
(1) Choose one of the given scenarios (see following).
(2) Use the scholarly literature to identify and explore two client issues from your selected scenario. Using a public health approach, synthesize this literature and explain how it may provide a rationale for you to address the selected client issues.
(3) Using a primary health care approach, describe how you will respond to this client.
Your response will need to include:
?Ways health promotion and/or illness prevention strategies could be of benefit in assisting the client in this scenario.
?What, if anything, you would do immediately in this case and why.
?The strategies or services that could be used to help this family/individual
?The three most important community resources you would recommend to the client, with a rationale for your choice.

Scenario 1
Sarah has come to the General Practice today for an appointment with you, the practice nurse. She has made the appointment for Adam?s four year old ?Healthy Kids Check? and his immunisation. From the practice notes you see that Sarah is 28 years old and is married to Paul, 32 years old. Sarah is Paul?s second wife and he has a daughter, aged 12, from his previous marriage. He does not see his daughter on a regular basis. Sarah, Paul and Adam have recently moved to the Gold Coast from Victoria as Paul took up an appointment as a teacher at a local Catholic primary school.
Before you start Adam?s assessment, you ask Sarah how she is feeling today. She starts crying. Paul was angry with her yesterday when dinner wasn?t on the table when he got home. He told her ?You?re a lousy wife and mother?. She tells you that she is afraid of Paul and she wants to leave him. She has nowhere else to go as all her family are interstate. She has a car however she has no money, as Paul does the shopping with her and only gives her money when she asks in front of other people. She doesn?t know where to go or what to do next.

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