Conflict, Communication Techniques and Nursing work Environment.

Minimum of 5 references from nursing journal scholarly references (journals) in the last 5 years ,(NO text books )
Look Back:
Recall a situation or experience that is meaningful to you as a student nurse
Objectively further describe the situation or experience. Include the following: What did you observe? Who was involved? Where did it take place?
Subjectively elaborate on the situation or experience considering the following: What were your thoughts? How did you feel?
What was your perception of what others were thinking and feeling?
Select a key issue from this situation/experience and critically examine your role within it, using current, relevant, and comprehensive literature. Consider ethical, health/illness, cultural, spiritual, developmental, social and economic factors related to this situation. Examine your values and/or beliefs in relation to this situation or experience
Revision: Upon analysis of the key issue what elements of your practice should be preserved and/or changed? How would your actions be different in future situations?
New Perspective: How has your perspective changed based on this reflection? What new insights have you gained from this situation?


Conflict and conflict resolution and communication among colleges are the theme is an important topic to my self as a future nurse and is so the focus of this paper. To this end, the essay examines few personal conflicts I had during my fourth year nursing placement. My consolidation is at a very acute setting and it is a very high stress. I wished some nurses were nicer to nurses that work with as they are mostly with their patient.
One day on my placement my preceptor asked me to go and get a medication from the med- room, my preceptor likes to constantly test me to find out if I will get the correct medication and correct dose without her being there to follow my steps, so she does not influence my decisions. As I was searching for the medication, I came across a note on top of the medications that said do not use without other explanation, I looked for alternative medication if they substitute it with something else but nothing was there, so I made the decision to take the medication and ask my preceptor if she was aware of anything? I explain to my preceptor what the note had said and my preceptor informed me that she was aware and that she had already called the pharmacy and clarified with them that it was ok to use the same medication until they provide with another brand of the same medication. After few hours into our day, I hear that I was needed at the nursing station. As I approach the nursing station the charge nurse comes fuming and yelling at me asking if I had taken the medication that said “do not use”, at the beginning I was shocked as the high pitched voice and her questions as too cant you read cant you read? I answered very calmly that I had taken the medication and had signed it off and confirmed before I used it with my preceptor. The charge nurse kept yelling again and making a scene right in front of everyone. My preceptor came and told her to shut up and not to speak to me that way. She explained that she had spoken to the pharmacy and that the whole hospital was using the medication. Every one around the nursing station was listening and had stopped what they were doing, they all had that disbelieve look on them.
I felt angry, humiliated, disrespected, devalued, very small and I wanted to run from there, I wanted to quit nursing for once and all, but luckily I stayed and continued my day My preceptor apologizes to me about the charge nurses reaction and said that she had had a very stress full day.

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