Correlations AND confounding variables

Read the following article.

Goldfield, G. S., Murray, M. A., Buchholz, A., Henderson, K., Obeid, N., Kukaswadia, A., &Flament, M. F. (2011). Family meals and body mass index among adolescents: effects of gender. Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism36(4), 539-546.Retrieved October 1, 2013 from EBSCO.

In a 2-page paper:

  1. Explain what the terms correlations AND confounding variables mean (in your own words, and cite the source). Review the links in the Background Information to learn about these terms.
  2. Introduce and briefly describe the study in one paragraph.
  3. Discuss the correlations and confounding variables described in the study.
  4. Did the researchers try to overcome or control for the confounding variables? If so, how?

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