Develop a conflict management plan

Reflect on your practicum project (

Clinical Pathway: ED Admissions “Intractable Pain” and Social Admissions – Inpatient vs Observation) and potential conflicts that may arise.

Develop a conflict management plan (can take any format), including the following:

  • Describe the role of conflict in change management.
  • Analyze the role of negotiation in change management.
  • Analyze the role of the manager/leader with respect to conflict and negotiation.
  • Critique the role of power in conflict, negotiation, and communication.
  • Examine helpful and not so helpful aspects of conflict in the change process.
  • Identify potential conflicts that may arise related to your practicum project.
  • Determine how you plan to deal with any conflicts that may arise.


Research 4+ peer reviewed professional references in united states to support your work.

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