Discussing the flexpath

In the blank space below, write a 1−2 paragraph summary of your responses to the following questions. Be specific about your strategies: the skills you will use and changes you plan to make in order to succeed in FlexPath.
Think back over your years learning at home, school, and work.

  • What were those experiences like for you?
  • What assumptions about education and learning have you developed as a result of those experiences?
  • How can you use skills you have gained in the workplace to help you as an independent learner?
  • What expectations did you start with, and how did those change? What most appeals to you? What surprised you?
  • Is there anything about the FlexPath model that might be a challenge for you?
  • What changes do you plan to make in how you approach learning and education in order to succeed in FlexPath?

Now think about what you just learned about FlexPath.

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