Ethical considerations concerning state governance and private business

Part 1:

On the Internet, access the website: This will pull up the homepage for the Coalition of National Health Education Organizations. On the left side of the page, click on Ethics. Print out this ethics code and familiarize yourself with this information. You will be held accountable for this information on a future exam.

Part 2:

Choose one of the following. Write a one page response paper and submit it through Canvas.

Recently, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg “asked the federal government for permission to bar New York City’s food stamp users from buying sodas and other sugary drinks with their benefits.” Bloomberg said that this proposal was a “social and scientific experiment in fighting the national epidemic of obesity and diabetes.” The legal director for the nonprofit Food Research and Action Center, a group fighting hunger, came out in opposition to this idea suggesting that this proposal would “perpetuate the myth” that “people who need government assistance make bad choices at the supermarket.” Other opponents to this idea have said “Food stamps were designed to enlarge the choices of poor and hungry people, rather than to limit them to the most nutritious items.”

What ethical issues are at stake when considering this proposal? In your opinion, “What is the greatest good?” And “What is to be done?”


A recent statement by a community leader caught my eye. D. Todd Christofferson noted, “Self-discipline has eroded, and societies are left to try to maintain order and civility by compulsion. The lack of internal control by individuals breeds external control by governments.” What are your personal feelings about the truth of this statement? In a society which was founded on individual freedom and has always decried the interference of government into personal lives, what implication does this statement have about the lack of self-discipline that seems prevalent and may be impacting all of us?

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