Ethical science

Section 1- What is science?

Question 1a: Write your own definition of science.

Question 1b: Compare your definition of science to the definition given by Shirlee Byrd in this section.

Section 2-What is Technology?

Question 2: Compare these two definitions of technology. What do these definitions imply about this person’s perceptions of technology?

Section 3-Attitudes Towards Technology

Section 4-Technology Dependence and Technology Traps

Question 4: You should choose one technology that you are dependent on (That is, choose a technology that is a technology trap for you) and discuss the consequences for you if you were deprived, either voluntarily or involuntarily, of this technology.

Section 5-Impact of Technology on Society

Question 5a: Choose one invention from the past 20 years.

Question 5b. As Ogburn noted, an invention often has many effects. Please describe at least three effects of your chosen invention.

Question 5c: What are some effects of your chosen invention on society?


How to cite multimedia materials:

If you quote anything from the multimedia, do both the intext citation and reference list at the end of your paper. Here is how you cite the source (at the end of your paper):

Backer, P. R. (2011). Unit 1, Concepts of Science and Technology (multimedia for course Tech 198). San Jose: San Jose State University.

When you quote from the multimedia, you should list the multimedia as the source of the information at the end of your paper (see above), but indicate whose words they are.

Here is the citation for unit 1 multimedia:

Backer, P. R. (2011). Technology and Civilization: A multimedia course. Unit 1. The nature of science and technology [CD-ROM software]. San Jose, CA: The Department of Aviation and Technology, SJSU.

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