Ethics and competition by nations

Complete Application Questions & Exercises and Ethics Questions for both chapter 7 in your text. Prepare in a Word document using APA guidelines for margins and page numbers in header and spacing. Re-write in bold font the questions asked. Follow that with a well developed narrative answering the questions substantively while also providing rationale. In-text references from your assigned reading to support your analysis is expected. Include a reference page
1. Data on the competitiveness of nations can be found at This website provides a ranking on 329 criteria for 59 countries. how might Porter’s diamond of national advantages help to explain the rankings for some of these countries for certain industries that interest you ?
2. The Internet has lowered the entry barriers for smaller firms that wish to diversify into international markets. Why is this so? Provide an example.
3. Many firms fail when they enter into strategic alliances with firms that link up with companies based in other countries. What are some reasons for this failure? Provide an example.

4. Many large U.S.–based management consulting companies such as McKinsey and Company and the BCG Group have been very successful in the international marketplace. How can Porter’s diamond explain their success?

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