In many ways, Eastman Kodak (a multinational manufacturer and distributor of photographic equipment and supplies) is a model corporate citizen. Fortune magazine has ranked it as one of the country’s most admired companies, applauding it in particular for its treatment of minorities and women. Its community-affairs programs and contributions have also received praise, but Eastman Kodak remains weak in one important aspect of corporate responsibility:

it has consistently received low scores on environmental practices. For example, the watchdog group Scorecard rated Eastman Kodak’s Rochester, New York, facility as the third-worst emitter of airborne carcinogens in the United States. Other reports have criticized the company for dumping cancer-causing chemicals into the nation’s waters.  link to the Eastman Kodak Web site and read its own assessment of its environmental practices. Then answer the following questions:

  • Based on the information provided on its Web site, how favorable do you feel about Eastman Kodak’s environmental practices?
  • In what ways is the company responding to criticisms of its environmental practices and improving them?
  • Do the statements on the Web site mesh with the criticism that the company has received? If not, what accounts for the differences?

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