Ethics MCQs

Question 1.Question :

Ethics of the deontological school would drive the commanding officer (CO) to make what decision?

To seek the best welfare for his sailor

To take risks of courage

To calculate the best possible outcome

To ask what virtues he seeks to honor

To do his duty under rules and procedures

Question 2.Question :

For the CO to think about what is best for all indicates what kind of decision making?

Ethical egoism

Utilitarian ethics

Care-based ethics

An Aristotelian excess of the virtue

The duty of the situation

Question 3.Question :

If the CO’s conscience was bothering him while making a decision, reading up on what ethicist would have made him aware of his thinking and deciding?

Ayn Rand

St. Anselm

St. Thomas Aquinas

John Locke

John Stuart Mill

Question 4.Question :

What virtue is not shown if the CO shows unwillingness to contact the carrier air group commander about the welfare of his sailor because of fear?



The virtue of courage



Question 5.Question :

If the CO follows a principle that relates to the first formulation of the categorical imperative, what is the proper term of Kant’s that should be used?






Question 6.Question :

When the CO wants to avoid doing “stupid things,” what theory of ethics is he displaying?

Plato’s doctrine of civil responsibility

Aristotle’s doctrine of the mean

Hobbes’ state of nature

Augustine’s notion of sin

Locke’s idea of social contract

Question 7.Question :

The CO’s concern to maximize the best outcomes for ship and crew applies which school of ethics?

Care-based school

Virtue-based school

Ends-based school

Avoidance of extremes position

Rules-based school

Question 8.Question :

If the CO were to put concern for his personal reputation ahead of the needs of the injured sailor, what style of ethics would be operating?

Deficiency of courage

Kant’s categorical imperative, second formulation

Aquinas’ concept of natural law ethics

Ayn Rand’s objectivism

James’ logical positivism

Question 9.Question :

For the CO to consider what the crew as a whole would want for handling the situation involves what kind of ethics?

Sphere of influence

Utilitarian ethics

Majority thinking

The principle of equity

Care-based ethics

Question 10.Question :

If the CO were to take a care-based approach to this emergency situation, what would he do?

He would try to sympathize with the sailor and feel his pain.

He would try to figure out what he would want if he were the sailor and had suffered the injury.

He would contact the injured sailor’s family at home.

He would follow the published instructions for this kind of emergency

He would get the carrier air group commander to send the helicopter, even after dark.

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Ethics MCQs

Question 1.                

The idea that character traits can contribute to or take away from a happy and meaningful life describes

moral relativism.

duty theory.

virtue ethics.

care ethics.



Question 2.                

If Mr. Swanson, a college professor, says that there is no such thing as right and wrong and treats questions regarding what is good and evil as relative to an individual’s values and culture, this is an example of the theory of

cultural objectivism.

cultural relativism.





Question 3.                

An example of an intrinsic value for an employee would be

accomplishing something of real value.

getting a pay raise.

receiving a bonus.

being rewarded with a gift card.



Question 4.                

The idea that we are born with basic moral principles that we use to judge people’s actions describes __________ theory.

psychological altruism





Question 5.               

Which theory of ethics says that we should make decisions that produce “the greatest good for the greatest number”?






Question 6.                

Which of the following ethical frameworks explains that our decisions should be based on the overall consequences of our acts?

Virtue ethics

Duty theory


Social contract theory


Question 7.               

The idea that women place a high value on caring and nurturing others is the _____ theory.



care ethics

virtue ethics


Question 8.                

Which of the following would be an immoral act but not usually considered an illegal act?

Lying on the witness stand

Stealing from an employer

Driving over the speed limit

Cheating on an exam



Question 9.                

The main idea of utilitarianism is its focus on

principles of virtue.

the importance of the consequences of your actions.

personal character.

following rules with no regard to consequence.


Question 10.             

Which of these statements about moral values is true?

We are born with them.

We learn them in ethics classes.

We learn them from family and friends.

We inherit them from our parents’ genetic make-up.



Question 11.              

According to philosopher John Locke, which of the following statements about human rights is true?

Human rights are created by governments.

Each human has basic rights to life, health, liberty, and possessions.

What human rights you are entitled to depend on where you live.

Human rights do not stay with us during our entire life



Question 12.              

Janelle gives to charity because she enjoys the gratitude and recognition from the people she helps. This is an example of

psychological egoism.


care ethics.

virtue ethics.


Question 13.             

Which of the following ethical frameworks would support child labor if the consequences produced better overall results than the available alternatives?


Virtue ethics


Moral relativism

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Ethics MCQs

1.  A phone call to a government official by an employee of the Enron Corporation disclosed the deception and dishonesty of the firm’s accounting records. This employee played the role of a:

A. whistleblower.

B. horn blower.

C. cheerleader.

D. moral policeman.


2.  Zach spent several months developing a good relationship with a business client. The client is now buying a significant amount of product from Zach’s company, resulting in high commissions for Zach, personally. After checking the sales records for the past six months, Ben (a sales colleague of Zach’s) started visiting the same client in the hopes of capturing some of the client’s business too. Although he considers it “legal and fair game”, sales reps in his firm have begun to avoid him because they consider it a violation of:

A. company-based ethics.

B. compliance-based ethics.

C. integrity-based ethics.

D. whistle blowing-based ethics.


3.  John was recently hired by Backstreet Books, an eclectic bookstore in a large college town. At the beginning of the first day on the job, his store manager handed him a small booklet consisting of company rules. He was asked to read it and sign and submit the last page, before starting work. Among other things, the rules explicitly discussed reprimands for grievous behavior and dismissal if the firm could prove that the employee was stealing product from the store. This booklet represented the ___________ of the store.

A. company-based ethics

B. compliance-based ethics

C. integrity-based ethics

D. whistle blowing-based ethics


4.  Corporate social responsibility describes the firm’s:

A. exclusive responsibility to its stockholders.

B. ability to plan for the unexpected.

C. commitment to a management training program.

D. concern for the welfare of society.


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