Ethics research study

Write a 3-4 page paper in which you take a position on an ethical question of your choice, as long as it is related to your intended field of study. Consider your peers’ responses on the Discussion Forum to the problem that you posed there.

As with the sample papers that I presented in Week 1, you may wish to begin with an anecdote or example that draws the reader’s attention, and then you should state your thesis. The thesis will include the ethical question or problem you are dealing with, your answer to the ethical question, and your reasoning. The body of the paper will then go into detail – presenting examples and counter-examples, using your critical thinking and experience to back up your opinion – and your conclusion will summarize your overall argument, summarizing again your thesis. RESEARCH IS NOT REQUIRED, but if you do use any research, you must indicate where your research came. I’m NOT grading you on your in-text citations for this paper. I AM grading you on your organization, reasoning, and persuasiveness. This does include your writing style, so proofread carefully for punctuation, grammar, etc. You can’t be persuasive if your audience is distracted by writing errors.

To format this paper, review again this sample. Note the heading with your name, the date, class, and my name in the top left-hand corner. Note the header with your last name and the page number in the top right-hand corner of every page. Note where the title appears and how it is written. You should use one-inch margins and Times New Roman in 12 points. You will not have a Works Cited page for this paper or an outline.


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