Ethics Scenarios

Turn to Chapter 12 in The Psychology Major and locate the #12 Ethics Scenarios.  Please select two of the scenarios and respond to the questions listed at the beginning of the exercise.

A professor of psychology worked on the production line in a factory for one semester. He did not reveal his identity to his coworkers or his reasons for being there. His purpose was to study the interactions of his coworkers. The findings proved useful in his subsequent teaching and research. His coworkers, some of whom he became very close to, were not informed of his purpose until their observation session was completed. Is this type of data collection unethical?

One of the issues facing those of us in the helping professions is the role of technology.  Given the current trends in technology, do you see a time when a face to face meeting with a client will be a thing of the past?  How do you think the way that we do business might change as we begin to incorporate more technology into our work?

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