Evidence of neuroscience research for an aspect of Buddhist psychology (e.g. meditation)

The focus of this paper is on an aspect of the psychology-Buddhism dialogue of interest and should have the main theme related to Buddhist psychology. Specifically, the paper should review the evidence showing support of neuroscience research (ie. western psychology) for ONE aspect of Buddhist psychology, such as meditation. The length should be a maximum of 10 double-spaced pages (excluding references). In addition to secondary references (e.g., books) to support the arguments, draw on primary sources (i.e., sutras, scientific research from peer-reviewed journalsi) if they are relevant. Be careful with information on the worldwide web as much of it is plain wrong and misleading. Make sure it is valid and accurate. Make sure the essay begins with a clear statement of the thesis and the argument (the purpose of the paper). Use appropriate headings to help structure the essay. Provide evidence for the main points, ensure that the argument and evidence are coherent and are linked to the main goal of the essay- be careful not to go off on tangents and include irrelevant information. There should be a conclusion, summary or synthesis that provides the reader an overall evaluation of main points stated in the paper.

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