Globalization and Ethics

The paper contains two parts:

Part 1: Globalization

a. Identify and briefly discuss the significance of any two of the following three major global trends facing businesses today and into the future:
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Digital commerce

b. Given “a” above, what implications do the two trends you selected have on both strategy formulation and implementation?

Part 2: Ethics

a. For the country of your choice, identify a piece of legislation aimed at preventing corrupt business practices. Identify some (two or three key points) of the key features of the legislation.

b. In the country whose legislation you have analyzed, identify an actual case where a business violated the law and was convicted of the violation. Briefly summarize the situation. Identify the implications and loss to the firm. What you have done to insure the situation was avoided in the first place?

c. Considering Hofstede’s index, select one cultural factor to discuss how individuals’ behavior from the country you selected above might be influenced by its culture. For example:
 Is corruption acceptable or expected?
 Does standing or social hierarchy impact corrupt practices?

Cover the two parts and do citation.Two of the sources MUST come from scholarly journals.

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