Group Psychology and Interaction

Select a film or television episode in which the plot is based on a group committing a crime or heinous act. Drawing on this week’s readings and theories from other readings you have done in this course, write a three-to five-page analysis of this crime or act based on the following:

Who in the group instigated the crime or act, and what were the stated motivations or justifications for following through with the crime/act?
What group dynamic(s) did the instigator take advantage of to convince other members of the group to support his/her decisions?
What rationale or justification did group members provide for committing the crime and act or simply supporting the instigator?
If the crime/act was supported or tolerated from people outside of the group, why was this the case?
If the act was challenged by people outside the group, did they take proportional action against the group, or, if they didn’t act, why not?
If you were able to counsel the group before they committed the act, what approach would you take to demonstrate to them that were about to do something very wrong or harmful to others.

include at least two citations to support your approach to counseling the group.

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