health promotion

Select one specific health promotion in which psychology has played a role in altering behaviours and health outcomes like alcohol use, use of recreation drugs or smoking. Gather examples of a minimum of 5 sources that will enable you to explain an aspect of psychology that has been applied to the particular health promotion area you have identified. Use a variety of different sources which are focused on changing behaviours. These might include education leaflets, transcripts of television ads or radio programs. These accounts should be explained and supported within the context of the research literature.
• This written assignment requires you to write a 1500 word essay on the above topic.
This will involve researching supporting evidence from high quality (peer reviewed) literature that is relevant to the assignment topic.
• You will need to include scholarly research sources in order to provide academic evidence to support the points you make and the examples you provide.
Special assessment requirements
• This assignment requires you to find and review high quality (peer reviewed) literature that is relevant to the assignment topic.
• You must utilize a minimum of FREE ACCESS 8 refereed journal articles (no more than 5 years old)
.• Do not use websites for your referencing material and books only journals.
• Word Limit is 1500 words.
• Table of contents and essay title.
• Write in full paragraphs with topic headings.
• Double spacing.
• The word count should exclude the reference list.
• Correct APA referencing is important.

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