Human Resources Management

Ethics is a crucial factor in managing a reputable business and maintaining a hospitality organization’s credibility as well as legal viability. In this unit’s Discussion, you will explore the ethical considerations regarding hiring practices. You will be looking at a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation regarding ethical theories and then applying some of these to an industry scenario. Finally you will create your own Code of Ethics for hiring employees in “your hotel.”


Part 1:
Review These PowerPoint Slides. Then respond to the scenario using two of the following PowerPoint methodologies: consequential, non-consequential or virtue ethics to support your response. How will you proceed based on the ethical theories you chose?


You are the hiring manager for a hotel in Las Vegas. You are interested in hiring a front desk manager for your hotel as the previous manager moved away. There are lots of unemployed hospitality candidates out there. Your top five resumes that you choose for an interview all have excellent experience and qualifications. There is one resume that really stands out in terms of communication skills and experience however. When the outstanding potential candidate comes in for an interview, he is in a wheelchair. What do you do? You were hoping for someone that would really “sell” your hotel to the public. This candidate has a great personality and does well in the interview. However, the other four candidates are very good looking and have passed the interview session as well.


Part 2:
Most hospitality organizations have a Code of Conduct and/or a Code of Ethics. Do some research on the Internet to find some examples of Codes of Conduct and Codes of Ethics in the hospitality industry. Then based on your responses to Part 1, make your own 5 point HR Hiring Code of Ethics concerning hiring at your resort or hotel.


Assignment Checklist:


  • Review the PowerPoint presentation and choose your two methodologies from the PowerPoint slides to illustrate your response to the scenario.
  • Do some research on Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct in the industry.
  • Then keeping in mind your viewpoint and response from Part 1, show your own department bulleted 5 point Code of Ethics for your hotel (HR Hiring Code of Ethics).


You may use reference: Barrows, C. W. (02/2011). Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, 10th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from

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