Importance of the Doctrine of the Mean in relation to virtue ethics

1. Describe the importance of the Doctrine of the Mean in relation to virtue ethics. Give two
examples of Aristotle’s application from the text (there are many examples given in Books III &
IV of Nicomachean Ethics). Make-up an example of your own and defend it. Finally, discuss the
real-world use of the Doctrine of the Mean; is it a realistic moral decision making process?

2. Describe Aristotle’s views on slavery. Describe Locke’s views on slavery. Compare and
contrast the two views. Critique Aristotle’s views on slavery from Locke’s position (i.e.,
apply Locke’s argument to Aristotle’s argument).

3. Describe Just War Theory and discuss the legitimacy of the claims made therein. Can the
Doctrine of the Mean be useful in assessing whether war can be virtuous, why or why not?

4. Is the State of Nature the same as the State of War, why or why not; do you believe Locke’s
claims regarding human nature are legitimate?

5. Describe Nozick’s principles of justice in holdings. Do you buy his argument favoring a
historical approach to the distribution of goods? How does Nozick attempt to demonstrate that
economic liberty upsets distribution patterns? Do you think this argument is legitimate? Is
there any distribution pattern which liberty might not be able to upset, why or why not?

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