improving the economies and infrastructures to lessen the impact of poverty.

primary intervention in disaster planning is the planning prior to the disaster (Davis, et al., 2010). In the case of the Haiti earthquake the disaster was present prior to the actual earthquake. The country was already stricken by poverty. This national poverty lead to infrastructure problems that were difficult for disaster response to overcome.

Managing the problem of impoverished nations infrastructure prior to a disaster would slow the progression of disease after disaster strikes. The healthcare needs of Haiti were not being met prior to the disaster. Hospitals were underfunded and when disaster struck the hospitals and medical facilities that were not built to be earthquake resistant were severely damaged. Funding of proper facilities and education of disaster planning of healthcare workers and the community would have gone a long way in easing the extent of the Haiti disaster.

Tertiary interventions directed at managing this disaster would be funding of programs to improve the economy and lessen the impact of poverty for Haiti. Once immediate healthcare needs are met, the process of rebuilding with a focus on overall improvement of economy so that it is sustainable for the future is needed.

There are many organization and charitable foundations involved in improving the economies and infrastructures of countries to lessen the overall impact of poverty. International Action is a charitable foundation that currently has a focus on bringing clean water to Haiti. They are building sustainable supply of clean water. The organization is working the local population to provide affordable clean water. I would choose to work with this organization because they are making an improvement in an infrastructure that improves health and safety of a basic necessity, clean water.

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