Intersection between friendship, ethics, and technology

What can we say about the intersection between friendship, ethics, and technology? Do
technological advancements improve or diminish our friendships? Take a position on these
questions by addressing the following issues:
 According to Aristotle, what are the reasons that friendship is necessary for happiness
and the good life?
 What are the three types of friendship he discusses? Explain all three and their
characteristics in detail.
 Choose a specific technology or technological innovation. Feel free to be creative; it
should not be an example taken directly from class. Explain what this technology is and
how it alters our friendships according to Aristotle’s framework. How does it increase or
decrease the possibility of having and sustaining a perfect friendship?

When providing quotations, you must provide proper citations and explain their meaning. Your essay must include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement as well as a conclusion paragraph. Your thesis statement should clearly indicate to the reader what it is that you will be investigating in your paper as a whole, and should make clear what position you will defend in the end. Write as if you are addressing someone who has not read the text. Aim to have responses that would clearly explain the topic to an intelligent, yet
naïve, friend who has never encountered any of these writings.

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