Jaundice as a presenting complaint for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

The case report should be produced as if for a general medical audience, and focus on a memorable patient or selection of patients encountered by the student during the attachment and particularly important in triggering new learning. The case report will highlight the interesting features of history, examination and further investigation, emphasize the principle discriminating features that allow the establishment of a diagnosis, describe the key management issues and define major learning points in a very brief and highly focused piece of succinct written work.
These are usually case reports or case series highlighting potential clinical problems or key clinical messages, and could be written in the BMJ style of the “Lesson of the week”:
The review should be as specific as possible and aimed at general readers.
The BMJ’s editors and peer reviewers use the following questions to assess lessons of the week:
• How common is the condition?
• How commonly is the condition missed or mismanaged?
• How serious is it if missed? What are the consequences of delayed recognition or mismanagement?
• How will this report contribute to improved condition recognition, diagnosis, clinical management or patient care?
Please use the British Medical Journal house style – see (http://resources.bmj.com/bmj/authors/bmj-house-style ).
The text is slightly modified to fit our requirements. You should use these instructions in preference to those used by the BMJ.
It is also good practice to discuss with your supervisor the preferred format for the report, and to gain advice and guidance on how the report should be structured and written. You should NOT ask your supervisor to edit the manuscript prior to submission – the report should be YOUR work (not your supervisors!) – as if it is the first draft of a manuscript which you are preparing for submission, and which you have asked a colleague to critique and edit.

The case report should aim to be a succinct, authoritative overview but attractive and accessible to general medical readers. It should focus on new understanding of the basic science underlying the pathophysiology, new techniques for investigation or new evidence for modern management of a condition or a group of related conditions

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