Main principles of Ethics of Care

Describe the main principles of Ethics of Care.

Ethics of care seeks to determine whether actions are right or wrong. Unlike some philosophies that deny the existence of right and wrong, ethics of care acknowledges their existence and seeks to determine the morality of these decisions. There are three foundational beliefs in ethics of care:

? We all depend on each other as individuals. We are interdependent and must work cooperatively to achieve our interests.
? Those that will be especially affected by my choice, and are therefore most vulnerable to my decision, must be given extra consideration before I make my decision. This extra consideration is evaluated in two specific areas:
1. How vulnerable is the individual to my choice?
2. What is the level that this individual will be affected specifically by my choice and not by the choices of other people?
? It is vital to understand the context that the decision will be made in so that the actual interests of those affected are protected.

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