Multiple Sclerosis

Assessment Item 2 requires you to submit your responses to one of the fictional case studies presented in the CSU Interact Modules tool. You are able to select the case study for this assessment.
This assessment should be organized using the questions in the case study as headings. The case study must be formatted as follows:

Recently, she sees her GP complaining of numbness on the left side of her face and tongue, progressive weakness in her left leg, constipation, and severe fatigue after even moderate amounts of physical activity. She says "I am finding it difficult to balance when I walk and sometimes I veer to the right like an old drunken sailor." She has not had a bowel movement in the past three days. She denies pain during straining episodes. Over-the-counter laxatives have been ineffective. She developed a bad cold two weeks ago and these symptoms began occurring the same time as she was recovering from the illness.

Explain the pathophysiology of MS and describe the likely type of MS in this case. (1000 words).
Describe three (3) clinical assessments that could have been performed to make the diagnosis of MS and the results you would expect for each. (500 words).
What are the proposed mechanism/s causing Cynthia’s fatigue? (750 words).
What treatment goals do you think Cynthia’s GP will be aiming to achieve at this time? (250 words).
What pharmacological treatments are available to provide symptom management and how do they work? (500 words).

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