Nursing critical thinking

In this assignment, you will review the critical thinking exercise about Aminta Parra (located in the Huber textbook, page 193), a nurse assigned to an interdisciplinary health team. Once you review the case study, you will answer a series of questions in regard to a problem that exists on her nursing unit
Learning Objectives:
analyze the problem from various communicative perspectives
describe communication strategies to resolve the problem
explain leadership and management strategies to resolve the problem
Review the critical thinking exercise about Nurse Parra located on page 193 of your Huber textbook. Then answer the following questions in your paper:
4. What is the problem?
5. Whose problem is it?
6. What should Nurse Parra do?
7. What mode of communication should Nurse Parra use?
8. How can Nurse Parra structure a clear message?
9. To whom should Nurse Parra communicate first? Who else does she need to involve in the communication flow?
10. What leadership and management strategies should Nurse Parra use?

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