Nursing practice

Read and complete the following blended learning activity. This activity seeks to prompt your thinking about sight and hearing loss and help
support discharge letter writing. Scenario Daisy is 76 year old lady who is about to be discharged from hospital following nine day admission for an acute
exacerbation of COPD and degenerative rheumatoid arthritis. Daisy is almost blind and has worsening hearing. Until admission Daisy has been coping
alone in a second floor flat where she has lived for over 30 years. While admitted however, she has become increasingly frail. She will be discharged on six new medications. Daisy has a son who lives overseas. With regard to her sight and hearing loss;

Identify all potential risks on discharge

Identify what, if any, referrals need to be made

Identify any possible psycho/social issues

Identify any support resources/interventions you think maybe
required Please write a nursing/social discharge letter, detailing the above information.

Think about how you would write a discharge letter to a fellow

Think about the language that should be used, data protection and confidentiality In class, we will explore this case study  looking at the
information that you would want to advice colleagues on with regard supporting such a patient to minimize risk, ensure safety.

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