Nursing research studies

Submit two nursing research studies, one quantitative and one qualitative. They must be NURSING and they must be RESEARCH, and both should relate to something of interest in your clinical practicum. Note where the author has followed the steps of the research process by marking in pen and labeling the research steps on each article or study. In addition, prepare in your own words in paragraph form, a list of differences between these different types of research (use table 3-1 on page 33 and pages 47 -52 including table 4-1 on page 46 to support your answers).
table 3-1 on page 33
steps in research process:
identify the research problem
determine the purpose of the study
formulate the research question
review the literature
develop a theoretical/conceptual framework
identify the study assumptions
acknowledge the limitations of the study
formulate the hypothesis
define the study variables/terms
select the research design
identify the populations
select the sample
conduct a pilot study
collect the data
organize the data for analysis
analyze the data
interpret the findings
communicate the findings
utilize the findings
table 4-1 page 46
comparison of qualitative and quantitative research
qualitative research:
subjective data, discovery, whole is greater than the parts, multiple truths, small sample sizes, deliberately selected samples, participants/informants, results presented as narrative data, researcher part of study.
quantitative research:
objective data, explanation, parts are equal to the whole, one truth, large sample sizes, random samples, subjects, results presented as numbers/statistics, researcher separate from the study.
pages 47-52
explains the steps of qualitative research which are;
identify the problem of the study
state the purpose, select the research design, review the literature, select the sample, gain entry to the research site, protect the rights of participants, collect the data, analyze the data, interpret the data, communicate the study results, and utilize the study results.
both type of research are similar, what ever she wants highlighted in pen can be typed in red this way it can be identified. I am currently a nurse and the text we use is “foundation of nursing research” by rose marie nieswiadomy 6th edition.

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