Nursing San Diego (community Research)

The portions of the project that need to come out with are the following

? Interaction of community members (e.g., friendliness, openness, bullying, prejudices, etc.).
? Vulnerable populations:
o Why are they vulnerable?
o How does this impact health?
? Power groups (church council, student council, administration, PTA, and gangs):

o How do they hold power?
o Positive or negative influence on community?
? Harassment policies/discrimination policies.
? Relationship with broader community:
o Police
o Fire/EMS (response time)
o Other (food drives, blood drives, missions, etc.)

? Relationships and behavior among community members.
? Educational offerings/programs (e.g., growth and development, STD/AIDS education, contraception, abstinence, etc.).
? Access to birth control.
? Birth rates, abortions, and miscarriages (if applicable).
? Access to maternal child health programs and services (crisis pregnancy center, support groups, prenatal care, maternity leave, etc.).

? Delinquency/violence issues.
? Crime issues/indicators.
? Poverty issues/indicators.
? CPS or APS abuse referrals: Compare with previous years.
? Drug abuse rates, alcohol use, and abuse: Compare with previous years.
? Stressors.
? Stress management resources (e.g., hotlines, support groups, etc.).
? Prevalent mental health issues/concerns:
o How does the community deal with mental health issues
o Mental health professionals within community and usage
? Disaster planning:
o Past disasters
o Drills (what, how often)
o Planning committee (members, roles)
o Policies
o Crisis intervention plan

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