Organizational ethics: A practical approach

I need two requirements separate in this paper based on chapter 6 in this book:
Organizational ethics: A practical approach (2nd ed.).

1- I need do a exercise in the first page. The professor’s requirements of the exercise are:
Ah…..power. I’d love to have some! Ha! For this week’s exercise, take the self test of your personal power profile on pgs 147-8 in the text. Record your score and talk about how you feel about your power profile. Do you agree with the scores?

Did the scores surprise you? Would you want to change your scores? Why or why not? Write a good paragraph discussing your self test scores.

2- In the second page I need a journal about chapter 6. The professor’s requirements of the journal are:
I’m sure everyone has had a job in their lives where they have had to “put on a good face” even though you didn’t feel like it or the job itself was horrible.

Write a few nice paragraphs either defending or criticizing emotional labor. Should organizations engage and teach it? Should organizations support it? If so, what repercussions might there be after a time? What might be some damage done to employees who engage in emotional labor? How can organizations deal with those issues? What are the ethical ramifications to ethical labor?

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