Pathophysiology Paper

1. Pick a disease process that affects one of the structures of systems discussed in A&P 2. Examples include but are not limited to:

Diabetes (endocrine)

HIV/AIDS (lymphatic/immune)

Hypertension (cardiovascular)

Feel free to use one of these suggestions if the disease process
interests you, however I encourage you to get creative. Do some research and
find something you don’t know much about.

2. Write a 2.5 to 3 page
paper including the following criteria

a. Discuss the system and
organs involved in the disease. Explain their role in normal physiology. For
instance, if writing about meningitis explain the structures of the nervous
system with emphasis on the meninges. Discuss the importance of the structures,
location, etc.

b. Discuss the pathophysiology,
or disease process of the condition. How does an individual get the disease?
What are they symptoms? Physiologically what is happening? How can the
condition be treated?

c. Add anything you think is
interesting about the disease. For instance interesting statistics, interesting
research regarding new treatments, etc.

Paper must be type and references included. A minimum of 2 references is
required for full credit, but using more will give you more background and
knowledge on the condition. MLA or APA format is acceptable

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