Physiology definition

Demonstrate your understanding of physiology by writing a 750- to 1,000-word paper. As the topic of your paper, please choose any disease or medical condition mentioned or described in the course materials. Each week you will be asked to complete portions of the project, however you will only be submitting the final paper (due by the end of Unit 6). Please include the following parts in your paper:

Thorough & descriptive title (explains the ideas and relationships in the paper)
Describe properly functioning body tissues and structures
Describe how the disease or condition you have selected deviates from normal physiology.
Identify the cause or known contributing factors of the disease.
Describe symptoms associated with disease exhibited by patients
Describe how the disease/condition is diagnosed
What group (age, health, gender, etc.) does this disease or condition affect?
Describe recommended treatments recommended for patients.
How does each treatment option influence physiology?
Describe expected outcomes for treated patients.
What happens if the patient does not seek treatment?
Internal citations throughout the paper (APA format)
Reference page (APA format)

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