Question: how have the political or cultural changes in your society affected the development of your morals and ethics
Ten years ago when I had moved back to Doha into high school the segregation of girls and boys was almost forbidden in school. Arabic schools had to be separated and girls and boys were not allowed to talk to one another. Coming from London where mixed education was normal and than being told I’m not allowed to socialize let alone look at the other gender was just puzzling. Even though in the Qatari religion – islam – and culture that was the way, the way that the older traditions had believed in and had been carried down. I went to a separated high school where we weren’t allowed to talk to one another. The school even went to the extent of making the windows between each section on the building tented so there was no sign of communication.

Move over, as time went on I was seeing more and more of guys and girls talking in public and girls having more of a say with things.


other things to add

· Today mixed school is normal, for example Qatar foundation and other schools and unis. from UK and US open in Qatar

· Traditions r changing , because of the globalization and other people are coming to Qatar to work or visit.

· How the changes in Doha have made people define right and wrong

· More western people around

· Work environment now, girls working in mixed places, girls are having a place to work