Preparing to enter health profession

Preparedness and suitability for entering that health profession
1. What is your present preparedness and suitability for entering that health profession? Use this section to address any academic problems you have incurred and how you have dealt with them.
Although it has been a while since graduating from college, I tried to strengthen my understanding in sciences by enrolling advanced science coursework as continuing studies, including human physiology, molecular physiology, human biochemistry, virology, and an independent study in a research laboratory. Through these rigorous courses, my focus in learning sciences as well as self-confidence strengthened. In addition to the continuing education at UW, my waiting experience during undergraduate years provided me the opportunity to become a full-time manager at a sushi restaurant. This job allowed me to work on and build interpersonal, managerial, and leadership skills, while affording me the luxury to pay off heavy expenses such as my student loans and back-and-forth travels to Korea. My ability to manage time and handle responsibilities simultaneously improved as I prepared for the GRE and DAT tests while working full-time. Moreover, I believe that I grasped a firm understanding of biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry while preparing for DAT test. Though I did not succeed in maintaining my focus through personal hardships during undergraduate years at UW, I became a person with full of enthusiasm to pursue my career goal by pulling through supporting myself financially and prepare for higher education.
2. How have you used the resources available to you to help others?
When I visited Korea to see my family, I used my time to help volunteering dentists and physicians in providing free treatments for people in the community and underserved regions. I also provided friendly visits to patients in the hospital delivering flowers, pets and cards. During these experiences, I learned that there are numerous people who need professional help especially amongst low-income individuals. I realized that I enjoy providing support to those people, and I want to help those people who need care.
3. What type of health profession practice do you envision establishing after your professional training has been completed? (Include demographics of patient population and location)
I learned that a health profession practice can place a priority on its business rather than relieving the patients’ concern through my own experience when I visited a dentist in Los Angeles, California. I also witnessed that there are huge number of people waiting for free treatments in the area. I want to be a dentist who is willing to provide compassionate service to patients and be a part of care provider to people who need care in the community.

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