Psychology and Aging

Read the full text version of the Psychology and Aging journal article familiarize with reading original journal articles.
Here are the questions to answer for this assignment:

1. What is the major research question or hypothesis addressed by the authors?
What are the main points?

2. Does the article include a review of relevant research literature? What are some of the major theories and research included in the literature review?

3. What research methods are employed, and what are the main findings?

4. What are the authors’ main conclusions? How do they discuss potential implications of their work?

5. Briefly evaluate the article: Does it accomplish what it set to do? Is the topic/research question an important one?

– If the article reports empirical research, are the methods and study design solid?
– Do you agree with the authors’ conclusions, and how they arrive at these conclusions?
– Do you think the article has important implications? Why or why not?

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