Psychology of Women

This required assignment is an opportunity to create your own immediate action plan that incorporates an action based-social justice perspective as a theme underlying the Psychology of Women. Ask yourself ?What could I do to help make this a more just and fair world for girls and/or women?? Considering such basic course concepts as gender, power/privilege, race, class, ethnicity, media impact, socialization, gender theory, etc., what might YOU realistically do immediately to impact positive change for women or girls? Each of us has the potential to make at least some small level of positive difference, now.

Previous ideas have included a prom dress drive; old cell phones or clothing collected on campus and at work and then donated to a local battered women?s shelter; creation of a ?Young Women?s Club? to inform and empower the girls at a local school, etc. In your personalized action plan, do not use the examples provided-instead, introspect thoughtfully about who YOU are; you should consider your sex, your major and the expectations for your own future; think about your ?sphere of influence? (friends & family, coworkers and others with whom you interact), think about your values and the world you would like to shape for future females?

In your own original and realistic plan, you must detail what your role will be and what resources and support you will need to make this happen, and how/from whom will you acquire them? If there is money involved, where does it come from?What specific women or girls will benefit from your action plan? How much time could you realistically commit to this project if you were to actually implement it immediately?

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