Research: leprosy

A)This session has a lot to do with skin. Leprosy is a horrible disease that affects this organ as well as many other organs and systems. In the Bible, leprosy is symbolic of sin. Why do you think this is? Research this disease and read some Bible stories that have to do with leprosy. In your research consider the connection between leprosy and sin. Some possible things to consider are…What is the pathophysiology of this disease?Is the absence of pain a good or bad thing?Is there a cure for leprosy? If so, how is it healed?What is the connection between skin and God’s protection?How does it spread?What is the connection between isolation as a result of sin and isolation as a result of this disease?B)Reflect on this course(pathophysiology) and share what you have learned about God, the Bible, and Biblical truths. What personal, professional, and /or spiritual growth have you observed within yourself during this course?

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