Sociology and Psychology .

When answering each question you should note the number of marks allocated to each skill and use this information as a guide to the length and type of answers required.

Section A—Sociology and Psychology

1.     Which of the following statements relate to sociology and which relate to psychology?

The way our behavior is influenced by our personality.

The culture we experience as we grow up.

The influence media has on our behavior.

2.     Why is it important for a care worker to have an understanding of psychology?

Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow.

Nicole is 47 years old and has just discovered she is pregnant with her first baby. She is very excited as she thought she would never have any children. Her husband is concerned about how the

pregnancy will affect her health.      3.    (a)    Identify two strands of Nicole’s development that will be affected by the pregnancy.

2 (b)     Describe how each of the two identified strands will be affected.

4.    Explain one behavioral change that might happen as a result of Nicole becoming a parent at the age of 47.

2 The following questions do not relate to the case study.

5.     Describe what is meant by the term culture.

6.    Give one reason why a knowledge of different cultures is important for care workers.

Section B—Health and Safety

1.     From the list below select the two correct first aid actions for an adult who is choking. First aid action Give five back slaps Give a drink of cold water Remove the obstruction

your middle finger Encourage the casualty to cough Put the casualty in the recovery position Tell them to take deep breaths

2.     If the adult who is choking becomes unconscious, identify two pieces of information you should give the emergency services. Tick (3)

3.     Give a definition of the term risk.

4.    Identify two measures to reduce the risk of a fire in a care home.

Marks Code Atia is employed as a support worker in a local needle exchange. The needle exchange service is available to support individuals and to provide sterile needles to service users within

the local community.

5.    Describe two responsibilities Atia has in relation to Health and Safety at work.

6.    Identify two health and safety precautions that Atia should take to prevent the spread of infection.

7.    (a)    Identify two potential hazards in Atia’s workplace.

(b)     In relation to each of the hazards you have identified, describe the action that Atia’s employer should take to ensure his safety.

Section C—Values and Principles

1.     Describe the difference between a need and a want.

2 Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow. Wayne is 17  years old and has just been diagnosed as having epilepsy. He has accepted a place at university and has been

learning to drive. His doctor has prescribed medication for his condition and has informed him that he cannot drive at present. Wayne’s friends have stopped texting to ask him out. He is scared

that he is being treated differently because of his epilepsy.

2.    Describe one emotional need and one physical need that has changed for Wayne since his diagnosis.

3.     What is meant by the term discrimination?

4.    Describe two possible effects of discrimination on Wayne.

5.    State three qualities that the specialist nurse for epilepsy should demonstrate when working with Wayne.

6.     What is meant by the term empathy?

7.    Identify three principles underpinning the National Care Standards.

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