Support of advanced nursing practice

Develop a philosophy that supports advanced nursing practice reflecting the values beliefs and cultural competencies relative to nursing practice science and theory.Now that you have spent the last 8 weeks discussing theory development and exploring models and philosophies that guide advance practice nursing it is time for you to put it all together. In this Assignment you will create a presentation using any form of presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint Prezi Movenote Powtoons Slidedog and so on).

Your presentation should bring together the theory that best fits your concept of advance practice nursing the model that you will use to translate this into practice and your final philosophy of advance practice nursing related to your role after graduation.Please remember that your presentation should contain slides that have bullet points. The bullets should number no more than four to six per slide. The bullet point is not written as a complete sentence. It contains key words. You as the presenter will explain in depth what each bullet point means in the audio portion of the presentation. Slides may contain graphics but should be uncluttered. Background and font colors should be of sufficient contrast to make reading them easy on the eyes. Attention to colors should be paid so that a person who is colorblind can easily read the presentation.

Assignment Details:

The presentation should consist of a series of slides that include:You will need supporting citations for your theory and model slides and possibly for your philosophy as appropriate. You will include the citations where appropriate and your very last slide will be a reference slide.The total slide count should not exceed 15 slides. This does not include the reference slide(s) or the title slide

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